Kensington Perpheral Drivers

Kensington Updates

These drivers are for Kensington keyboards and mice and work with most OS including Windows and Mac and Kensington devices.

Popular Kensington Driver Downloads

  • Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer
  • Kensington Expert Mouse 64325
  • Kensington Ci75m Wireless Mouse K72298US
  • Kensington SlimBlade Wireless Mouse K72282US
  • Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse with Bluetooth Wireless K72281US
  • Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse 64327
  • Kensington Ci25m Mouse for PC or Mac K72266US
  • Kensington Slim Type Keyboard - PC ( 64365 )
  • Kensington 72213 Optical USB Mouse
  • Kensington Ci65m Wireless Optical Mouse for PC or Mac K72267US
  • Kensington Wireless Optical Mouse Titanium K72276US
  • Kensington Ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse K72278US
  • Kensington SlimBlade Media Notebook Wireless Keyboard, Laser Mouse K72279US
  • Kensington 33373 Wireless Presenter
  • Kensington Notebook Keypad/Calculator 72274
  • Kensington Si670m Bluetooth Wireless Optical Notebook Mouse 72271
  • Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse K72280US
  • Kensington 64370 Keyboard
  • Kensington 72121 Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Elite USB Mouse
  • Kensington Ci70 Wired Keyboard with USB Ports, Mini-USB Connector (K64396US)
  • Kensington Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set Titanium with Keyboard and Mouse K64391US
  • Kensington K72330US SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse
  • Kensington 72212 PocketMouse Mini USB Mouse
  • Kensington Wireless Notebook Keypad/Calculator and Mouse

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